Sunday, 20 May 2012

Trials: The Lycanthrope of Padua, 1541

In the year 1541 in Padua, there lived a man who, believing that he was a wolf, would attack many people out in the fields and murder them.

When he was eventually captured, he desperately kept maintaining that he was a genuine werewolf, but that he did not take on the appearance of a wolf because his fur was growing wholly into his skin.

Because of this, some of the people who held him captive, deprived of all human feelings, but wanting to know if what he was saying was true, mutilated him by cutting off his arms and legs. When they found out about his innocence because they did not find any fur under his skin, they led him to a doctor to be healed, but the man died a few days later. Taking into consideration what had been done to him, it is surprising he even lasted as long as a couple of days.

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