Monday, 19 March 2012

Starting anew - the revival of Werewolf Theory

Welcome to Werewolf Theory - a second incarnation of a blog devoted completely to the study and presentation of werewolf legends, lore, the influence of lycanthropic beliefs on modern culture and society, and much, much more that comes with all of the above. This blog is meant to present each and every of its readers with whatever pieces of information I can find concerning werewolves - an undertaking I began no less than 9 years ago by creating a similar website on the Polish reaches of the Internet under the name of 

At first, it began as a humble blog of a 14-year-old I was at the time and consisted of mostly chaotic and uninteresting babble about werewolves - a hobby that had always been with me, which now comprises a great portion of my life and who I am. After some time, the goals of the old blog started becoming clear - it was no longer a blog consisting of posts about random things, but became a website devoted to propagating werewolf lore in the Polish cyberspace. Having taken on J.K. Rowling's character as a kind of patron and a way of showing tribute to its influence on me and my decision to pursue my secret hobby further, the website assumed the title of Werewolf Theory, with me becoming a self-proclaimed Lycanthropologist, taking the word for my moniker. 

For a person like myself, the website proved to be a big success. It allowed me to condense my knowledge of the subject in a single place and at the same time enabled me to share my passion with the world. It was also sometimes an heir and means of preservation for data featured on other websites that eventually ceased to exist. Their legacy, however, remained within Werewolf Theory. The website grew in popularity and won itself many fans who eagerly awaited new entries. Some visited it to discuss their views about werewolves, others dropped by out of sheer curiosity and sometimes left with a smile on their face, saying, "I never knew that! Thanks for writing about it!" It's such moments that made me feel that what I was doing brought enjoyment not only to me, but also to other people. 

The decline of the blog began somewhere around my entering high school. With a lot of things going on in myife and a multitude of other activities I engaged in, regular and frequent updates to the blog became a difficult task to accomplish. New entries started becoming scarcer until they virtually stopped altogether when I entered university. It was a regrettable, but unavoidable thing to happen to a website so popular. At some point later on, when I realised that in order to reach a wider audience, convey some things better and not be confined at a regional level my website would have to be translated into English. This proved a too big of an undertaking back then as it required an extensive amount of work and time. Having numerous other committments at the time, I simply threw in the towel. 

But no more. Throughout the years, werewolves remained one of my hobbies and Werewolf Theory has never left my thoughts. It was only when I discovered the potential that lay in creating a blog on, the flexibility and creativity it provided, that the idea of reviving Werewolf Theory began haunting my thoughts. The ultimate spark to light the fire was my totally accidental visit to one lady's blog on which she wrote articles about her own hobby. The thought that I could do the same thing with Werewolf Theory struck me. And so finally, after a long road I've tread, here I am to get this show on the road. 

So keep your fingers crossed for me as I pour the contents of my old blog into this new one, hopefully both for my and your pleasure. So stay in touch and see you soon!

* * *

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