Friday, 27 June 2014

News From the Dark Side of the Moon

Hello, hello and welcome! It's been quite some time since the last time I posted anything here - far longer than I'd ever expect, but life takes its twists and turns and forces us to focus on some matters and leave others behind. The good news is, however, that summer is starting and so I should have a little more time on my hands to fill up the blog with some more posts, mainly translations of my old posts from the original website, since I am nowhere near done transferring them here. Of course, I know how it is, so I'm not promising a whole slew of posts, but I do hope I manage to write a few new posts over the next three months. So that's one thing.

Next up, I've been following what's been happening over in the comments section under the post concerning ways of acquiring werewolfism reported in lore of various kinds, and I gotta say I'm a little disappointed and sad that my efforts to try and catalogue, sort of, all the various ways people have reported one can become a werewolf over the centuries have become a pretext for a lot of people to offend each other and throw metaphorical feces at each other instead of conducting a civilised discussion. Not all the comments were like that, but some were kind of pointless in their contents to the extent that sometimes I wondered if I should start deleting them altogether. But in the end I concluded that this is the Internet after all and the same kind of things that happen somewhere else (I'm looking at you, YouTube comments ;) ) are inevitably going to happen here as well and since there is freedom of speech and so on and so on, so I decided to just leave it all be. Obviously, I'm still reading everything that is posted. So once again, I send out a plea to all of you werewolf-lovers out there - be civilised, respect one another, and provide constructive feedback, don't toss obscenities at one another, because it's not really pleasant for me as the blog's owner nor people such things are aimed at nor new readers who visit the website for the first time and might become deterred by them. Apart from that, I guess I'm pretty flattered how popular the post's has become, so thank you all for your interest!

Last but not least, before I get down to writing something new, I decided to copy over the three movie reviews I did a while back, which were originally posted on my offshoot blog, TheLycanthropologist. Initially, it was supposed to be a blog devoted entirely to me reviewing werewolf-themed movies, but recently I've come to a conclusion that it would be better if I simply gathered everything in one place, namely here at Werewolf Theory, since a lot more people visit this website than the other one and also because time has shown that the movie review project blog isn't really going anywhere. I still need to grab a few files from the old netbook I wrote those reviews on, but I should be able to paste the reviews here next week, and of course finally create a new category on the right side of the page, listing movies and TV series (so I'll probably merge the Batman werewolf episode into that one category to avoid a mess).

I think that's about it as far as things I wanted to post for now are concerned. I'm still lurking in the shadows, observing the surroundings (currently following the development of a game I already mentioned in the past, Order 1886), trying to get into the mindset of writing some werewolf-themed stuff and filling this blog with some more content before I disappear again, like I tend to. In the meantime, enjoy what's already here and have a nice beginning of summer. I also added a poll to the right side of the blog, so if you feel like it, don't hesitate to vote.

Until next time!

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